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    Feature rich... provides decision makers with open source geopolitical situational awareness. Our platform extracts actionable intelligence from news media, social media, various APIs, big data repositories, and expert analysis. After processing through our proprietary neural network, the data is then available to interact with on our multi-platform application.


    Data processed in our neural network is collected from expert analysis, big data repositories, APIs, social media, and news media.


    Our platform processes a wide-range of topics, such as: conflict, economic development, health issues, manufacturing, mineral resources, climate change, finance, scientific research, and more...

    Global Perspective

    Through NLP-powered extraction, our platform contextualizes complex global situations by displaying realtime feedback/sentiment analysis, global events, and forecasts on map and timeline interfaces.


    Our app works on the following systems:
    - PC
    - OSX
    - iOS
    - tvOS
    - Android
    - Samsung TV
    - AR/VR platforms such as Magic Leap or HTC Vive (Q2 2019)

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